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Celebrating 40 Years

(L-R) Zachary, Kim, Josh, Eleanor, and Zoe Targoff

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Almost $600,000 was raised at DOROT’s 40th Annual Spring Benefit honoring Kim and Josh Targoff and the Intergenerational Chess Program inspired by their son Zachary and his older friend Herman Bomze, on Wednesday, June 1st. About 300 people attended the event at the Yale Club of New York City.

DOROT matched Zachary with Mr. Bomze for one-on-one games of chess in the year leading up to his Bar Mitzvah. The two found each other to be formidable opponents and quickly bonded. Zachary donated his Bar Mitzvah gift money, supplemented by generous support from his parents, to create DOROT’s Intergenerational Chess Program. As many as 21 pairs of seniors and teens play chess weekly at DOROT, inspiring all who attend to observe the power of the friendly competition, the wonderful learning that takes place, and the strong connections formed across the board.

The Targoff family has inspired many family members and friends to get involved with DOROT as Friendly Visitors and volunteers. Zachary’s younger sister has recently begun baking birthday cakes for seniors, and Josh Targoff recently joined DOROT’s Board of Directors.

At the Benefit, DOROT also recognized the graduating seniors of Next Generation, DOROT’s teen leadership council: Brianna Bicky, Avery Karlin, Lila Reid, Ma’ayan Schmidt and Elana Spievack.

For more information about the Benefit, or for information about sponsorship and advertisement opportunities in the future, please contact Lindsay Smith at or 917-441-3742.

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