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DOROT is saddened by the loss of Herman Bomze

DOROT mourns the passing of Herman Bomze, 95, a gentle man who has been a beloved figure in the DOROT community since 2013 when he first met Zachary Targoff, a DOROT teen volunteer who loved to play chess.

Each week Herman and Zachary shared the love of chess and created a special bond between them. They often played on the hand-carved wooden chess set on which Herman and his father had played many years before in Vienna before Herman fled the country with his mother and sister. His father, who was unable to secure a visa, perished in a concentration camp. The chess board was one of the only items Herman took with him when he fled Vienna.

Zachary’s experience with Herman inspired Zachary and the Targoff family to create one of DOROT’s signature programs, Intergenerational Chess. Since 2014 hundreds of youth and older adults have had life changing experiences across the chess board. At Zachary’s bar mitzvah, Herman and his daughter, in an extraordinary act of generosity, presented the wooden chess set to Zachary as a gift. The creation of the Intergenerational Chess program is part of Herman Bomze’s legacy with both Zachary and with DOROT. May Herman Bomze’s memory forever be a blessing.

To learn more about DOROT’s Intergenerational Chess, the program inspired by Mr. Bomze, please click here.

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