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Lasting Impressions:
DOROT’s Legacy Project

Your wisdom didn’t come easy. Why not share it with others?

DOROT’s Lasting Impressions Legacy Project provides an opportunity for you to convey your legacy story so that your beliefs and values, life lessons, important memories and hopes for the future are recorded for loved ones and generations to come.

DOROT would like to help you complete your own legacy project that reflects your unique memories and words of wisdom.

Let us help you record your legacy:
• in writing
• using your photos or artwork
• on audio or in a video

We are happy to work with you:
• one-on-one
• in your home, at DOROT or by telephone

To learn more please call 917-441-3724 or email Wendy Handler.

DOROT’s Lasting Impressions program is generously supported by a grant from The Keller-Shatanoff Foundation.

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