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Favorite Passover Traditions

Every Passover, I make different charosets using recipes from all over the world. Everyone always enjoys the annual taste test where they pick out their favorite one!


For many years the family Seder was led by cousin who was very formal And the Seder would go into the night, because someone always forgot that they weren’t to ask a question. When his son took over, my favorite tradition was having drinks etc before the meal of course we hardly ever finished the Seder because some of us had to take a cab back to Manhattan from Brooklyn.

Nettie Trommer

Having the family gather together for our liberation. Pure joy.

Muriel Geller Gold

Our favorite Passover tradition, besides being with family, is hearing the 4 Questions from the youngest. And Passover is our favorite holiday.

The Rackow Family

Though we are all Jewish, my mother is the only one who is fluent in Hebrew in my family. For some of the songs, we all make a beat for her as she sings to make up for our messy pronunciation. All around, it is fun with or without all of us singing!

Maya Naphtali

We gather the photographs of family members absent from the Seder due to distance, illness or death and we display them prominently on the table. This way we feel connected to them emotionally and visually and the pain of missing them is minimized because we feel them near us, participating in yet another year's family Seder.

Susan Nurin

My father, who was a holocaust survivor, passed away last year at 99 years of age. He presided over the Seder and recited most of the Haggadah from memory. The sound of his voice and the melodies that he sang are emblazoned in my heart. Nothing was skipped from the Kiddush to the hadigadya, to the loving consternation of the guests around the table. My father and I sang all the songs together and I hope to carry on this tradition as best as I can. Wishing you and the entire DOROT family a sweet Passover!

Nina Gottlieb

Our family’s Passover traditions were pretty typical. Searching for the Afikomen, reciting the 10 plagues, & finishing the sedar off by singing ‘Dayenu’ — were my favorites growing up. But I think my favorite part of all, was having my Zadie Louie leading the sedar and my Bubbie Esther’s cooking (along with my mother Ida and aunt Flora)!

Noreen Walter

We always had seder two nights when I was growing up. My Mother made her own gefilte fish. As an adult, I would go where asked. Now I go to my Florida synagogue—this year it is on the first night.

Shirley Henschel

Our family loves singing Chad Gadya... the alliteration, the speed, the words. It's a favorite tradition.

Karen Levine

for as long as i can remember
my seder has been an integrated one
always part of my family
are folks from other traditions and races

Marti Zlatchin

The great food!

Florence Samuels

Not being a good reader, Passover has always been and still is, (even as a senior citizen), my least favorite holiday. I dreaded the tradition of going around the table - each person reading, (in English), from the Haggadah, always trying to determine and review the portion I would have to read - unable to listen to any other person's reading...always nervous that I would get it wrong. I do though fondly remember the Jewish Cowboy record we sent away for from Manischewitz and Im glad it's on youtube because I no longer have that record. "Manischewitz presents the Jewish Cowboy." I still have some of those free Maxwell House Haggadahs though. The best food was the homemade gefilte fish made by the father of my paternal grandfather's third wife (We called her "aunt" Edna) Only had it once but still remember from so many years ago that Passover at their place.

Robin Marion

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