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Arts and Culture

From our popular senior chorus to private museum tours, DOROT’s arts programs are a great way to meet new people while experiencing New York’s wide variety of cultural offerings. Additional arts programs take place over the telephone through University Without Walls (view current course listings). DOROT also hosts a variety of intergenerational arts programs for seniors and youth, including theater and photography classes.

DOROT’s Senior Chorus

Kol DOROT, our senior chorus, sings an eclectic repertoire including Yiddish and Hebrew songs, Broadway tunes, and holiday music. All seniors are eligible to join the chorus—no need to read music. Auditions are not required and lyrics are provided. The chorus meets Thursdays from 2:50–3:55 pm at DOROT for informal singing and gives occasional public performances with other choruses.

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Kol DOROT is a DOROT program, funded in memory of Miriam Katzin.

Museum Tours and Art Lectures

New York is a cultural paradise, and DOROT offers seniors the opportunity to take advantage of the city’s riches by participating in art lectures at our headquarters and guided exhibit tours at New York’s prominent cultural institutions.

Escorts to Cultural Events

DOROT’s Hand–in–Hand Program connects seniors with volunteer escorts who provide physical support or just companionship as they appreciate and explore the arts together. These cultural friends can participate in arts excursions in the New York area organized by DOROT, enjoy one of our many on–site art or music programs, or attend an event of their choice together, enriched by each other’s companionship and conversation. The program is funded in part by Marcia Speinson.

To speak to a staff member about DOROT programs, please call the Resource Line at (212) 769-2850 or fill out this form.

Arts and Culture
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