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Shopping and Escorting

Door to Door
Sometimes all it takes to keep the independence you cherish is a little help from DOROT. Don’t let mobility issues keep you from doing the things you want—and need—to do. We offer a variety of escorting programs to help you get to medical appointments, the supermarket, other errands—or just outside for some fresh air. If you have to stay inside, our staff and volunteer Travel Companions will do the walking and shopping for you.

Escorts to Medical Appointments
DOROT provides reliable staff and volunteer Travel Companions for seniors who need assistance going to and from medical appointments. These Companions accompany seniors door to door, offering both physical and emotional support.

Shopping Assistance
DOROT provides reliable staff and volunteer Travel Companions for seniors who are unable to leave their homes to shop for groceries and other necessities.

Errands or a Walk in the Neighborhood
DOROT provides reliable staff and volunteer Travel Companions to accompany seniors who need assistance doing local errands like picking up medication at the pharmacy, shopping trips for groceries and other necessities, going to the bank, or just taking a walk in the neighborhood together.

Seniors may call for Door to Door assistance if they live in Manhattan's East Side from 50th to 96th Streets and West Side from 59th to 125th Streets. Travel Companions can accompany you anywhere in Manhattan. Appointments are available Mondays through Fridays with a suggested contribution of $5 per appointment. Seniors choose and pay for the transportation of their choice - DOROT does not operate a van or car service.

For more information on how to register, call DOROT's Resource Line, (212) 769-2850, weekdays between 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Seniors are encouraged to call at least two weeks ahead of time to increase the chance of getting an appointment with a DOROT Travel Companion.

Cemetery Visits
Many elders value the tradition of visiting loved ones’ gravesites before the High Holy Days, but cannot do so without assistance. This program makes it possible for seniors to visit the gravesites of loved ones in cemeteries in the New York Metropolitan area. Volunteer escorts accompany seniors from their home via transportation provided by DOROT, offering emotional support and an arm to lean on. Cemetery Visits takes place in July.

DOROT would like to acknowledge The David Berg Foundation for its generous and steadfast support of the Cemetery Visit Program. DOROT is also grateful to Plaza Jewish Community Chapel for its generous support.

Hand-in-Hand: Escorts to Cultural Events
DOROT’s Hand–in–Hand Program connects seniors with volunteer escorts who provide physical support or just companionship as they appreciate and explore the arts together. These cultural friends can participate in arts excursions in the New York area organized by DOROT, enjoy one of our many on–site arts or music programs, or attend an event of their choice together, enriched by each other’s companionship and conversation.

Let DOROT Help You Vote
Citizens of all ages cherish the right to vote. Through Door to Door and Let DOROT Help You Vote, DOROT volunteers enable seniors with mobility challenges to exercise this right by helping them complete voter registration forms and absentee ballots prior to Election Day, and by escorting seniors to the polls on Election Day.

Shopping and Escorting
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