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Spiritual Connections

As mobility, health, and other challenges increase, it often becomes harder to nourish one’s spiritual self. DOROT offers opportunities for seniors to express their spirituality and restore this important component in their lives.

Cemetery Visits
Many elders value the tradition of visiting loved ones’ gravesites before the High Holy Days, but cannot do so without assistance. This program makes it possible for seniors to visit the gravesites of loved ones in cemeteries in the New York metropolitan area. Volunteer escorts accompany seniors from door to door via transportation provided by DOROT, offering emotional support and an arm to lean on. Cemetery Visits takes place in July.

Mezuzah Program
Volunteers help seniors replace an old mezuzah or affix a new one to their doorpost. DOROT supplies a new mezuzah (kosher parchment included). A volunteer installs it and stays for a visit.

Pastoral Care
DOROT’s rabbinic intern visits and offers spiritual support and counseling to seniors in their homes.

University Without Walls
DOROT has created a unique community via telephone conference calls that enable those with limited mobility to join in lively, stimulating classes, make new friends, get and give emotional support, and celebrate the holidays—all within the comfort of their homes. Seniors and facilitators can be connected from any location in the U.S. equipped with a telephone, and all participants can speak to and hear each other.

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To speak to a staff member about DOROT programs, please call the Resource Line at (212) 769-2850 or fill out this form.

Spiritual Connections
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