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Create a Card for a Senior

Create a Card for a Senior DOROT’s greeting card project helps bring joy and celebration to our 2,500 clients. Through this program, we send an annual birthday card to each client and also provide cards for Rosh Hashanah, Thanksgiving and other occasions. Every card is designed and created by volunteers; we welcome and encourage cards from individuals and volunteer groups. These donations are incredibly meaningful in the work we do and so important to the larger DOROT community.

Please send cards with this Cardmaking Project Volunteer Information Form to DOROT at 171 West 85th Street; New York, NY 10024, attn: Cardmaking Program.

Please see the information below for sample cards and tips on cardmaking.

DOROT’s Featured Volunteer Cards

Marcia Homa

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Here’s how you can make a card for a senior:

1. Check Out
Sample Cards

Looking for some inspiration? Take a look at some of the cards other volunteers have submitted.

2. Make Your

Making a card is easy, fun and incredibly important in the work that we do to decrease social isolation in seniors! Whether you’re looking for something to do on a rainy day, or planning an activity for your synagogue youth group, this is a great project to spend some time on. Be sure to use colored paper for the outside, but white for the inside to make it easier to read. Please include a note or greeting inside the card while also leaving space for DOROT to write a message of our own. You can also write a simple poem or share some simple information about yourself (e.g., favorite hobbies, pets, school, etc.). This makes the handmade card a very personal and thoughtful gift for the older person to receive.

  • Thin printer paper or construction paper is not adequate for cards that we send out. Please use good cardstock for your card bases. You can purchase this at Michaels or other craft stores.
  • Make your cards as colorful and decorative as you’d like, but please refrain from using materials that might fall off or make a mess, such as glitter, sequins, feathers, tissue paper, ribbons, or buttons.
  • Materials you might use include stickers, watercolors, puff paint, and of course, colored markers.
  • “Sign” the back of the card with your first name AND, if applicable, the name of the group, as well as the age of the child or children.
  • Write in large block (print) letters. As people get older, many have a hard time reading small print.
3. Mail Your Card

After you finish your cards, DOROT will address and mail them to seniors.

Please mail your cards and a Cardmaking Project Volunteer Information Form to:

171 West 85th Street
New York, NY 10024
attn: Cardmaking Program.
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