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DOROT and Jewish Values - Shalom Sesame

Hiddur P’nai Zaken:
Respect for the Elderly

Why is it important for a community to take care of the elderly even if they aren’t our relatives?

Older adults helped build the community we enjoy today, and we have much to learn from their experiences. Spending time with the elderly shows our children we value wisdom and teaches them compassion and respect.

“Rise before the aged and show respect to the elderly.” Leviticus 19:32

You’re helping out in many ways when you take the time to visit an older person in your community. Click the boxes below to extend your learning!

Abraham and his wife Sarah were very hospitable to their three guests, happy to have the opportunity for the mitzvah of Hachnasat Orchim (hospitality). Your visit to a DOROT senior will enable them to perform this welcome mitzvah, too. Curious to learn more? Watch this video from Shalom Sesame about Abraham and Sarah’s three visitors.

Abraham and the Visitors

Grover’s Mitzvah Mission is Bikkur Cholim, visiting the sick. It’s a mitzvah to visit those who cannot leave their homes, to help them out and keep them company. Watch Grover on his Mitzvah Mission of bikkur cholim here.

Mitzvah: Impossible

Sivan can’t do everything that others can do because of her disability. But her special playground is built so that she can play, too! A lot of older people also have trouble moving, walking and climbing, so they need the help of canes, walkers, or the arm of a friend. At DOROT we help older people with impairments like difficulty walking, seeing, or hearing. Just like Sivan’s playground, we make things a little easier and more fun. Watch Sivan play along with her friends!

Mitzvah: Impossible

Friends are great to have—they keep you company and can teach you a lot by sharing their stories. What stories will you share with your older friend? Learn the Hebrew word for friends with Shalom Sesame here.

Mitzvah: Impossible

“Doing something nice for others is a mitzvah too!” Everyone works together to clean up their neighborhood after a storm. By helping the elderly, you are doing a service to your community! Each of us can do something to help out our neighbors. You can too. Watch Shalom Sesame’s “Mitzvah on the Street” video for inspiration.

Mitzvah: Impossible

How do we see the beauty in our older friends?

Grover has a question for DOROT volunteers.

How do we see the beauty in our older friends?

By opening our eyes and ears.

Have you ever helped out at home? Or given tzedakah? Have you even given your seat to an older person on the bus or subway? Or helped friends feel welcome in your home?

These are some of the things you can do to help make the world a better place for everyone.

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