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Volunteer Locations

DOROT’s goal to provide a meaningful volunteer experience for individuals with varying schedules and interests. We offer volunteer opportunities in a range of locations, including your own home or office.

You can participate in our on-site intergenerational programs at DOROT’s fully accessible headquarters at 171 West 85th Street on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Our core food and friendship programs may bring you to the home of a senior on the Upper West Side or East Side of Manhattan, or to Westchester.

You can teach a course or facilitate a support group from the location of your choice (anywhere with a telephone!) as a volunteer in one of DOROT’s innovative teleconference call programs.

We also tailor volunteer events and opportunities to community groups, companies of all sizes and schools.

To speak to a DOROT staff member call (212) 769-2850 Monday-Friday or email us at

To get started volunteering, attend one of our upcoming orientations by registering here:

DOROT Adult Volunteer Orientation Registration Form

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