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Debbie Trock — Westchester Friendly Visitor

DOROT volunteer since: 2005

Debbie Trock How did you get involved with DOROT?

I had available free time on my hands and yearned to “give back” in a meaningful, rewarding manner. Temple Israel Center in White Plains made the connection.

What type of volunteer activities do you do?

Visitor#1, Dorothy
I had visited weekly with my elderly friend, Dorothy, in her apartment. We had gone to lunch, shopped and walked the neighborhood. When she was hospitalized, I visited at her bedside.

Visitor #2 Ada
I initially came to Ada as a Friendly Visitor. She is presently turning 97 years old and was a DOROT volunteer herself. Ada had always lived independently in her own dwelling yet has recently frequented hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Ada and I have developed a very special relationship partly because she “allowed me in” and her son and daughter–in–law are very supportive of my involvement. I enjoy bringing personally cooked items, bringing home grown flowers, navigating though the computer and sharing my two poodles with Ada. We have a mutual respect for one another and look forward to our weekly visit. What an experience is it to Skype with her!

In what ways has your DOROT volunteer experience impacted your life?

My experiences through DOROT have enriched my personal life and opened my eyes to how the elderly are treated. I understand the importance of being one’s advocate, and appreciated the involvement my “friends” have allowed me.

What motivates you to continue volunteering at DOROT?

What motivates me to continue volunteering at DOROT is the great satisfaction I receive from the individuals, those smiling faces and big hugs I receive each time I enter through the front door!

Most memorable volunteer moment?

Visiting with my older friend while she was hospitalized.

What would you want other volunteers to know about volunteering at DOROT?

One needs to understand that your experience will be what you make it. Look for the good, these are wonderful, lonely, individuals who crave human contact and what a better way to put free time than towards something meaningful?

Anything else you would like to share?

Thank you DOROT for allowing me to part take in a meaningful, professional manner. My life has become enriched because of you.

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