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Lois Baskin and Hannah Taubenfeld, Tara and Olivia Rosegarten — Volunteer Services

DOROT volunteer since:

Lois Baskin and Hannah Taubenfeld, Tara and Olivia Rosegarten Lois Baskin and Hannah Taubenfeld:
December 2011.

Tara and Olivia Rosegarten:

How did you get involved with DOROT?

Lois Baskin:
Hannah was exploring volunteer ideas for her Bat Mitzvah project and a close family friend who has been volunteering with DOROT for many years recommended getting involved.

Tara Rosengarten:
Our dear friend Lois Baskin told us about this great organization. We wanted our girls to do something hands on where they could interact and make a connection and impact on a personal level.

What type of volunteer activities do you do at DOROT?

Lois Baskin:
Hannah works with her friend Olivia in the DOROT office creating cards for birthday packages, delivering meals to seniors and assisting staff with program administration. They also have been assisting as interns in DOROT Cooks, an intergenerational cooking program with the Jewish Journey Project. Hannah and I, along with Olivia and her mom Tara, visit seniors on their birthdays and holidays.

Tara Rosengarten:
My daughter Olivia volunteers at the office on Mondays with Hannah. They are a great team.

In what ways has your DOROT volunteer experience impacted your life?

Lois Baskin:
Hannah told me that the experience “has shown me how visiting someone can really make their day and maybe even their week. We have to enjoy our life and cherish everyone who is part of it because things sadly don’t last forever.” Our visits with the seniors are incredibly meaningful, their energy and warmth is inspiring and they show such gratitude and genuine appreciation of the time we spend together.

Tara Rosengarten:
It has given my 13 year old daughter, Olivia a new perspective on the elderly. It has helped her, and me, understand the unique feelings and experiences one goes through during the aging process. We have also learned so much about peoples’ history and what it was like growing up in a different time.

What motivates you to continue volunteering at DOROT?

Lois Baskin:
Hannah’s inspiration has come from “hearing the different stories that the seniors tell, [it] makes me want to continue to visit with them and learn more about their past and different experiences.”

Tara Rosengarten:
The smiles on the faces of the elderly people when we spend time with them.

Most memorable volunteer moment:

Lois Baskin:
One of Hannah’s memorable moments was “when we visited a 94 year old woman who had more energy than all of us. She acted as if she was in her 20’s, moving around the room without a walker and telling us so many stories without seeming the littlest bit tired.”

Tara Rosengarten:
In truth, every visit has been wonderful.

What would you want other volunteers to know about volunteering at DOROT?

Lois Baskin:
Visiting with seniors on Sundays has become something we look forward to and it is meaningful time that Hannah and I spend together. It is so rewarding to bring happiness to someone by visiting and giving them an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings. Hannah feels that being with the seniors is a learning experience since every visit leads to a different story. She feels that the time together has had an impact on their lives as well as ours.

Tara Rosengarten:
It has been a deeply enriching experience.

Anything else you would like to share?

Lois Baskin:
The volunteer time we spend at DOROT has been an incredible experience and one that we look forward to continuing for many years. The personal contact that we share between the generations has been a valuable life lesson for us all.

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