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Sylvia Miller — Office Volunteer

Sylvia Miller How long have you been a DOROT volunteer?

It will soon be 13 years for me and what a pleasure it has been!

How did you get involved with DOROT?

Residing in Riverdale, the Bronx, I had never heard of DOROT. My good friend suffered a loss, was depressed, and her doctor recommended that she volunteer at DOROT. She enjoyed serving and I followed her as a volunteer.

What type of volunteer activities do you do at DOROT?

How fortunate for me that I became a volunteer for DOROT! The volunteer services staff is remarkable for their care and concern for me and I reciprocated by looking forward each Monday to the tasks assigned to me, such as sending birthday cards to seniors and volunteers for their service. In addition, I filled Holiday Package Delivery bags, addressed and sent mailings, filed and performed the usual clerical duties. Anything I am called upon to do, I do with pleasure and alacrity.

In what ways has your DOROT volunteer experience impacted your life?

My life has always involved volunteering, but nothing can compare with the joy and contentment and change in my life since I joined DOROT. The various staff and Mark Meridy, at the head of DOROT, have given me a purpose in life because I look forward to volunteering at DOROT.

Most memorable volunteer moment:

I especially enjoyed the Thanksgiving Banquet at Rodeph Sholom, all served by volunteers from DOROT, and I saw my handiwork of folding about 300 or so paper turkeys for the tables’ decoration. To top off my approaching birthday, the staff serenaded me, with a birthday cake and flowers. What more was needed to bring cheer and smiles to my day?

What would you want other volunteers to know about volunteering at DOROT?

What a wonderful giving institution DOROT is, reaching out and helping so many seniors in the New York City area and even in Westchester. There are so many advantages and services offered to seniors by DOROT — exercise classes, lectures, concerts, too numerous to mention here.

Anything else you would like to share?

Long may this organization be successful!

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