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Donor Spotlight: Amy Chasanoff, A Triple Play

The DOROT community is composed of older adults who participate in programs, volunteers who give their time to make the programs happen and supporters who help fund them. And there are those, like Amy Chasanoff, whose passion for DOROT qualifies them for all three categories.

In 2014, incapacitated after back surgery, Amy needed help. She reached out to DOROT. Within weeks, she had Friendly Visitors, all high school seniors, to keep her company and a social worker to provide needed assistance. Since she could not walk outside by herself, DOROT also arranged for a volunteer to walk with her nearly every day.

For Amy, giving back is something she does with both her wallet and her time. As soon as she was well, she began attending programs onsite at DOROT.

While still on a walker, she became a volunteer, making birthday visits and package deliveries. Grateful for the help and personalized care, Amy named DOROT in her will, becoming a legacy donor. She also became a monthly donor.

Amy combined her love of DOROT and the Mets and underwrote a trip to CitiField for nearly 20 people, who were treated to seats practically on the field. Although she did this anonymously, word got out that it was Amy’s idea and donation that had made the outing happen. She received a ball, a hat, a shirt, and most gratifying, many emails thanking her for the day.

“After that, I was even more committed to DOROT. I talk about DOROT all the time when I meet people who don’t know about it. I can’t say enough good things. Whatever a person needs, they do it.”

Her involvement with DOROT has never wavered, and since the pandemic, she has been active in making caring phone calls and participating in numerous programs on Zoom. A retired special education teacher, Amy is also an active volunteer in Intergenerational Programs.

Story by Marsha Cohen