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DOROT Social Worker Profile: David Rozon

Each March, National Social Work Month recognizes the impact social workers deliver while providing services to children and adults in need. This month, we'll be taking time to celebrate and get to know some of the dedicated social workers across DOROT.

David Rozon, Constituent & Community Services: Friendly Visiting Social Worker

How did you decide to become a social worker?

DOROT is part of that story! In high school, I had a service-learning class where I volunteered at DOROT and did a home visit! I had such a great time talking with the older adult that I almost missed the bus back to school!  It was this experience that in part led me to a career of service and pursuing social work. I’m not sure if there was a moment when I knew I wanted to be a Social Worker.  I was lucky enough to find a job after college where my supervisors were social workers. I got to see the amazing work they did, and they encouraged me to pursue my master’s degree.  

How has the pandemic affected your work? 

Before the pandemic, the majority of my time was spent visiting older adults in their homes, conducting an assessment and getting to know them.  During the last year, as you can imagine, my role has changed quite a bit and I eventually took  a friendly visiting social work position. Regardless of my role the biggest way it has effective me it the impact it has had on older adults, social isolation, food insecurity, the lack of support structures, proper medical care are all issues that intensified over the last year.  

What is something that you love about your work?  

Making people feel heard. Whether that is on a individual level, in a group or in the community.

More about David:

David a native New Yorker, who attended Columbia School of Social Work. He as worked at DOROT since 2019, first as an assessment social worker and now as a Friendly Visiting Social Worker

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