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Partnering for Pride

Over the course of the summer, DOROT College Interns are contributing content to our website and social media to share their experiences. 

June is Pride Month, a joyous celebration of the unique identities that make up the LGBTQ+ community to increase visibility and promote equality and dignity. In addition to these celebrations, it is also an important opportunity for education around how we all can support those in the LGBTQ+ community, as members and allies.

Older LGBTQ+ adults face unique challenges as they age that their straight and cisgender counterparts do not face as they typically have fewer resources and support networks. They can also be more susceptible to physical and mental health issues due to discrimination and stigma in the healthcare field.

DOROT partner, SAGE, formerly known as Senior Action in a Gay Environment, is an organization located in New York City that supports LGBTQ+ older adults in numerous ways. They have an HIV & Aging Policy and Action Coalition that aims to build a diverse survivor-driven group dedicated to HIV/AIDS advocacy. They host SAGETables, forums to facilitate intergenerational conversation, and there is even a program in which SAGE educates healthcare providers (i.e. teaching pronouns). SAGE also has the largest LGBTQ+ friendly elder housing development in the country called Stonewall House and has another housing development called Crotona Pride House. SAGE serves over 5000 constituents raging in different races and ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender identities.

DOROT partners with SAGE in several ways. The SAGE Tables Initiative began at DOROT in 2017 and invites members of the LGBTQ+ community from different generations to connect with one another over a meal. Through these events, older and younger participants share experiences of activism and even play LGBTQ+ trivia! DOROT has also partnered with SAGE for Aging Alone, Aging Together program. This program spans six weeks and is specifically designed for supporting LGBTQ+ adults with resources, strategies, and tools to plan for the future.

The DOROT staff also benefits from continuing educational educational resources through SAGE. We are grateful to partner with an organization that betters the lives of so many people and look forward to future events together.

Happy Pride Month, everyone!

Learn more about SAGE HERE.

- Hannah Daniels

Hannah is an incoming senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and is majoring in psychology and receiving minors in gender and women’s studies and criminal justice. She is interning this summer in DOROT’s Constituent and Community Services Department.