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Corporate Groups

DOROT welcomes corporate volunteers for a variety of virtual programs and special events. Staff will work with your company to involve employees in one of our existing programs – or customize a project to address your interests.

DOROT offers a number of different options for corporate volunteer groups including:

  • Bring birthday and holiday cheer to older adults by hosting a remote card making activity for your employees. Build team connections while contributing to the greater good. Let the creative juices flow!  
  • Team up with older adults for a fun and friendly virtual Game Day that is sure to leave a smile on everyone’s face. Show off your knowledge and make new friends through an exciting round of trivia. 
  • Take a virtual stroll through a museum, near or far, with a group of active and engaged older adults. Connect virtually in small group discussions afterwards to share reflections and gain insight into each other's lives.  
  • Deliver food packages to isolated older adults through one of DOROT’s quarterly package delivery events, and follow up the delivery with a friendly phone conversation.

Ages: 18+

Time Commitment: Most corporate projects are one-time events lasting 1-3 hours.

Requirements: Requirements vary based on the program selected.

We are eager to hear from you! For pricing and current program availability, please contact us at