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Opportunities for Volunteers 65+ with Youth

Are you interested in a new kind of volunteer experience? Join DOROT's intergenerational programs where adults 65+ and teens come together to participate in activities leading to the discovery of new and shared perspectives. Meet thoughtful teens and other older adult volunteers. Enjoy fun and laughter while forming new and unexpected bonds.

Here's what past 65+ Volunteers have shared:

“I found a place where it doesn’t matter how old I am. We can talk about anything. I’ve found friends of all ages!” Jack B.

“The teens in this program are clever, caring and wise and help the seniors think differently about our lives.” Harriet R. 

Do you want to volunteer onsite at DOROT’s headquarters? Intergenerational workshops are offered at DOROT (171 W 85th Street).



For more information, please email

Know a teen interested in participating in Intergenerational Programs? Find out more information HERE. 


Who is this for?

Teen Interns and Adults 65+

What does it cost?

All participants are volunteering their time (and teens even earn volunteer hours).

How does registration work?

High School Students go through a highly selective process and intern with DOROT for a semester. They participate in many programs as part of their internship.

Adults (65+) commit to a workshop a week (or more) and must complete paperwork, and register for the workshop(s) that best fit their interests and schedule. (A background check is conducted for the adults.) Returning participants can register directly for workshops by emailing us at

What is an Intergenerational Workshop?

DOROT offers weekly sessions at 171 W 85th St. regularly. You can make theatre, have discussions, discover new music and more. Some of our programs have Jewish content.

What happens in the workshops?

You’ll spend time each week with the same small group of approximately 12 - 18 participants — a mix of adults (65+) and teens, plus a trained facilitator in most cases.

How long are the workshops?

Workshops range from 60-120 minutes for 4 - 7 weeks, once or twice a week. Each session will build upon the previous one, so plan to be there for all of them. 

Do you want to volunteer online? Join weekly virtual intergenerational workshops led by an experienced facilitator through the GENuine Connections program. Learn more about how to participate HERE.

Returning volunteers can see the full schedule and register for upcoming workshops: