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Response Team

Volunteer with our Response Team to engage with and support DOROT seniors – when it fits your schedule. DOROT social workers regularly field unique requests that cannot be filled through other programs. As a Response Team volunteer, you will receive weekly emails listing new opportunities for your consideration. You make the decision about which of those opportunities meet your interests and availability.

Typical requests include:

  • Discussing current events
  • Reading aloud
  • Playing cards or board games
  • Practicing a foreign language
  • Being a companion for a virtual visit to a museum or concert
  • Running neighborhood errands

Birthday celebrations are also an important Response Team activity. Response Team volunteers can sign up to call older adults on their birthdays and/or to deliver a small gift, cake, and card (provided by DOROT) to older adults on or near their birthdays. Many do not have anyone else to celebrate with and find these celebrations especially meaningful.

Due to COVID-19, Response Team, volunteers and seniors are connecting by phone or video chat. Errands involve handoffs outside the DOROT senior’s front door. Once COVID-19 distancing protocols are lifted, home visits will also resume.

Ages: 18+

Time Commitment: Volunteer at least once per month for a minimum of four months.

Requirements: Valid US government-issued photo ID, volunteer orientation, references and background check.

Next Steps: Are you a new volunteer? Please sign up for an upcoming Volunteer Orientation and Information Session. If you are currently a DOROT volunteer and have already attended an orientation session, contact

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