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The Spirit of DOROT

Since its inception in 1976, DOROT has enhanced the lives of the elderly by mobilizing the community to become involved in their lives. Our unique partnership of professionals and volunteers of all ages has enabled us to bring the generations together for their mutual benefit while responding to the evolving needs of the elderly.

DOROT’s holistic approach to our mission means that we do not stop at providing meal deliveries, escorts, or transitional housing. We understand that helping the elderly maintain independent lives in their own homes means alleviating their social, intellectual, and spiritual isolation as well. That is why we also provide elders with visitors who come every week and/or before the holidays; offer hundreds of hours of telephone conference call classes every year; and bring seniors together at our headquarters for activities ranging from weekly exercise classes to intergenerational arts projects.

Every DOROT program involves personal contact with our seniors and provides an opportunity for them to express themselves and reassert their value to the community. Our volunteers are united in the conviction that seniors have a lot to give, and consider themselves fortunate to be able to learn from their older friends’ wisdom and experience. And as our younger volunteers grow to adulthood, Generations Helping Generations becomes a way of life for the future.

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