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The People We Serve

DOROT’s clientele range in age from 60 to over 100, vary in physical mobility and economic status, and come from diverse backgrounds. Seniors are referred to DOROT by family members, neighbors, doctors, community organizations, and often call us themselves.

Many DOROT seniors are frail, isolated, and have limited mobility and/or financial resources. They participate mostly in DOROT’s programs at home, and our goal is to help them maintain their lives in their homes for as long as possible. The DOROT family also includes more active seniors who take part in our programs on-site and in the community, and often are themselves volunteers.

Many of our seniors and volunteers are Jewish, but all are welcome at our door. Because we wish all Jewish participants in DOROT programs to feel comfortable, we follow the laws of kashruth and celebrate the Sabbath and Jewish holidays.

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DOROT serves older adults in Manhattan from 59th to 125th streets on the West Side and from 14th to 96th streets on the East Side. Additionally, we provide services to seniors living in Westchester County. Our teleconference education programs can be accessed nationwide.

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