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About DOROT’s Staff and Board

DOROT’s Board and professional staff work closely to ensure that DOROT’s programs meet seniors’ evolving needs and provide rewarding involvement for our thousands of volunteers.

In setting policy for the agency and guiding its development, members of the DOROT Board consult with staff members who have personal knowledge of our elders’ individual circumstances. Our Board members also participate in DOROT’s programs—as Friendly Visitors, Holiday Package Delivery volunteers, University Without Walls facilitators, Family Circle members, etc. This hands-on experience informs their decisions and inspires their ongoing quest for excellence in all of DOROT’s work.

DOROT’s staff members maintain the high standards of our programs with dedication and painstaking attention to detail. Their warmth and unstinting efforts are a hallmark of the agency, as both volunteers and elders will attest. Because of their responsiveness and quick thinking, our staff has helped DOROT’s seniors weather blackouts, transit strikes, extremes of heat and cold, and 9/11—in addition to providing the day-to-day services that sustain them during normal times.

Many of DOROT’s staff and Board members have long-standing associations with the agency, some for more than two decades. Their heartfelt attachment to DOROT’s work and mission is an inspiration for the entire DOROT community as they seamlessly connect the agency’s past achievements with our collective aspirations for the future.

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