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The attention that the entire staff gave to the summer interns highlights DOROT’s characteristic personal touch. I am in awe of how much time and attention is given to anyone who calls, even if DOROT cannot provide them with formal services or assistance. Each phone call is viewed as an opportunity to brighten someone’s day. I have seen countless social workers patiently stay on the line with seniors who just want to be noticed and heard. We even called seniors to ask how they are managing the summer heat. Most of these phone calls inevitably lead to a glance at the past of the senior on the line. While calling to seniors conduct a survey about DOROT programs, I had a memorable conversation with a Jewish lawyer who helped get Martin Luther King, Jr. out of jail. The man thanked me for listening at the end of the phone call, and it hit me then how important DOROT’s work is, even a simple survey call.

I get just as much out of visiting him as he gets from me. Also, I want to thank you so much for all that you do and for giving me this amazing opportunity. It really has been such a great gift for me. I think DOROT is such a wonderful organization and I’m so grateful to be part of it.

Years ago when I was in Rabbinic school, I volunteered for DOROT. I adopted a “grandmother” and helped her navigate her way to doctor’s offices and other appointments. This experience profoundly changed the way I see the elderly and possibly contributed to the career I chose for myself. I work in Chaplaincy which includes Shabbat services and visits to the elderly at a nursing home on Long Island. I wanted to make this contribution in memory of my father. He was instrumental in supporting me while I volunteered at DOROT. May your organization continue to inspire others and bring help to those in need.

Every single contact we’ve had with DOROT has been fantastic. I began by leaving a voicemail, and received a return call the same day. Before the day was over, we had arranged an escort for my father’s physical therapy and speech appointments. What a gift! I know that DOROT offers a wide range of services to improve the quality of life for seniors, and I hope that my parents will be able to engage with more of them in the future. My sister and I see other needs, and we hope that this relationship will grow. If it weren’t for the escort program, we couldn’t have gotten started at all. DOROT meets my parents where they are comfortable acknowledging need and builds from there.

Just a note to express my appreciation of DOROT’s escort program. I have severe mobility issues caused by peripheral neuropathy, which seriously impairs my walking and balance. I live alone. Since both of my daughters live out of state they are unavailable. Thanks to the wonderful aides from DOROT, I have help keeping healthcare appointments. Without them, I would be unable to navigate stairs, hail cabs, open doors, etc. — overwhelming tasks without their presence and support. DOROT allows me to continue to live in my home and maintain much of my independence and attend to my health needs.

Thank you so much for your wonderful kindness to my mother. Your graciousness in accommodating her on short–notice for a companion to help her get to doctors is remarkable. It means the world to my mother and me, and DOROT should really be proud of such an amazing program!

The visits are wonderful! I feel like her grandmother. It’s a very rewarding hour that we spend with each other. Thank you!

I experience a feeling of accomplishment and well being and attempt to carry it over whatever I am doing. Tai Chi is practiced and known throughout the world and I am thrilled to participate in this discipline under Melissa’s direction. I came to the first class because Tai Chi was recommended for arthritis patients. I don’t know how much it has helped but I feel more limber than I had been.

Thank you for remembering my birthday and making me smile. I hope you continue with your good wishes for other old people and may God bless you for your efforts.

You can’t imagine how surprised and happy receiving your birthday card made me feel. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness. This handmade card is very pretty. Thanks for making me feel so good.

Thanks for your lovely card. It was such a lovely surprise. I deeply appreciate your thoughtfulness. You have made a little old lady very happy. Thanks again and god bless!

Thank you for the lovely surprise of your birthday wishes, which added much to the pleasure of celebrating my 83rd spring and candles. Someone wrote “Do not fear aging. It is not all decay. It is the ripening, swelling of fresh life within, that withers and bursts the husk.” We elderlies hold you dear! Continue confidently with your good deeds — loving others conquers even enemies.

What a wonderful surprise! Remembering my birthday (93) from a young person who finds the time to think of others. Thank you for the wonderful card and your good wishes (I shared them with my grandchildren). Good for you and for DOROT. What a wonderful program. You are amazing.

As a senior lady I seldom receive a birthday card so you have brought joy into my world again. Much appreciated.

A lovely surprised greeted me in my mailbox. Thank you so much for the beautiful birthday card. It was so thoughtful of you to think of my on my birthday. I want you to know I have always loved getting birthday cards. Don’t you? Such Fun! Let me know when it’s your birthday.

Today’s visit was so wonderful. I was very amazed and impressed by the degree of preparation and organization that went into it and how smoothly everything went and how wonderful my volunteer was and all the preparation: the prayer book, the pebbles; it was just unbelievable! I was speechless. So that being said, it was a very meaningful and wonderful visit and I couldn’t have been more happy and satisfied with it.

Because he suffered from debilitating arthritis and severe vision impairment, he had been unable to visit the gravesites of his parents for twenty–six years. When he arrived at the plot, he was extremely moved to find a small bush he had had planted many years ago had grown to over five feet tall and covered half the tombstone. He was grateful to DOROT for making it possible for him to visit his parents’ graves again.

Thank you DOROT for your generosity and support. I can’t go to a salon anymore, but because of DOROT I can do it at home. It’s unbelievable.

Thank you so much for your help and kindness. It truly is a blessing and wonderful service.

I am so impressed with the young lady [a college intern] who is coming to tutor me on the computer. I had to tell you she is a delightful, lovely young lady. She is knowledgeable and she is a good teacher. She is special. I am so grateful to DOROT.

This is in regard to DOROT Services provided to me a volunteer who is a lovely, friendly and outgoing person. Her visits uplifted my spirit. On her last visit, she brought me a birthday meal, cake and gifts as well. This was an unexpected surprise, which I great appreciated and enjoyed. I want you to know I think DOROT is an exceptional social service agency. Many thanks for your kindness and generosity.

The visits are wonderful! I feel like her grandmother. It’s a very rewarding hour that we spend with each other. Thank you!

We enjoy our visits and she is an absolute blessing in my life.

Aging sure is hard. I honestly think the friendly visitor program is one of the most important things there I do help seniors because people need socialization and stimulation. And they need to know they are cared about.

The warmth and connectedness of staff to participants in all phases of the wellness program is continuously practiced so that a spirit of community envelopes the programs and reinforces individual well-being.

The atmosphere was really joyful and happy. It was nice seeing all different seniors coming together, from all different backgrounds and celebrating the holiday together.

There are classes like the Shakespeare class that are so well presented that they involve everyone and are not only enlightening, but exhilarating. The health classes I attend are also beneficial and I miss them when I do not attend.

Two delightful young women visited. Conversation sparkling, informed, warm and fulfilling, a lovely and lively exchange of facts and opinions.

DOROT introduced two “Angels” (volunteers) — Both are friends and bring packages of DOROT goodies to me. I am so lucky. Thanks DOROT Staff and Volunteers for packages, activities, and programs. Thanks again, again, again.

The volunteer was very nice and we had an interesting conversation. I was very pleased with the package. Thank you very much for all the wonderful things your organization DOROT is doing for us.

Volunteer was very friendly; cheerful; warm. She’s a good listener and shared a lot... Thank you very much for you caring and generosity. I looked forward to the visit and surprise package. It’s a wonderful social visit.

We all fell in love. Two young women from China, studying at Fordham. Wonderful. They made me their Grandmother. They are going to cook for me, Dumplings! Everything is beautiful. It’s a beautiful program. Thank you very much

They are all patient, kind, considerate and understanding. There is a calm atmosphere and an absence of fear and punishment. They are always helpful and make people feel secure and accepted. There is a respect for the elderly that is hard to match anywhere else. They create a home away from home. They create an opportunity for people to perform, if they wish to when the opportunity presents itself.

The visit was marvelous. The two visitors were sweet, charming, interesting and interested in me. I couldn’t ask for two nicer, lovely young ladies to spend time with me. Thank you. Again I was so happy to be with these two wonderful young ladies. It is so heart warming to find I can easily converse with such sweet people. We were from the beginning, very compatible.

Such an amazing way to introduce young children to the importance of compassion and service. totally great.

I am so grateful for your DOROT volunteers. They are lovely dedicated and supportive. A true blessing in my life. It was a wonderful visit. Thank you for making my day special.

DOROT has opened up a new world for me. I have met such wonderful people who are intelligent and interesting. I never thought I would be able to have intelligent conversations again.

It was a beautiful visit. Enjoyed the children and mothers, they were like angels bringing me goodies.

There’s no place that treats you like DOROT. You go the extra mile and you treat us with respect.

I joined DOROT’s Wellness Program 12+ years ago with prostate cancer. I chose “observation” as a treatment choice which means I had no treatment but have semi-annual check-ups. The classes at DOROT help me keep the cancer in check. DOROT’s exercise classes help me improve my balance and prevent falls.

I’ve been to exercise classes for years, though I hadn’t for a few years before I joined this one last year. But this is truly the most careful and spirited I’ve ever been in. I really feel my lethargic body come back to life under Tia’s guidance I feel much better, I copy these exercises (as much as possible) in my living room 2 more times a week.

Classes have made a big difference: improved balance, reduced pain, more flexible, more positive attitude.

This is an amazing service of DOROT — I am so glad that my parents found the organization, and that you offer the assistance and understanding that you do.

I think it’s wonderful what DOROT does for seniors and all that you offer is wonderful.

The classes have helped me to heal my body and manage pain. There is also a wonderful sense of community led by a charismatic person who tries to target his lessons in order to best help each student in the group.

I couldn’t be getting better treatment. So many good things are coming my way because of DOROT.

If the whole world was like DOROT, it would be a wonderful place. Whoever planned out the whole thing really did a great job!

My husband and I enjoy the Shabbos meals immeasurably and thank you. We count on them when our strength isn’t what it should be. We love the attitude at DOROT—so helpful and caring. You don’t find that anywhere else.

My mother is so blessed to have DOROT. DOROT is such a big part of her life.

Your organization does wonderful work. I rave about you all the time.

I will never forget all that DOROT has done for me. The meals, UWW, concerts, everything.

Thank you for helping my mom out. You were a BIG help! I am grateful. Words can’t express enough gratitude. Mom was blessed with care and love.

My late husband got so much joy from his UWW classes that after he passed away, I volunteered as a way to give back to DOROT. Facilitating this class has been an amazing journey. It’s a huge success for me and for the participants, many of whom come back semester after semester. Most of them live alone, they are isolated, and have some kind of handicap. Knowing that people care about them and are willing to listen to them makes them feel valued and important and part of a group. I have the greatest admiration for their perseverance in spite of great challenges. My students set an example for me, and that is why I have continued to volunteer for DOROT for so many years.

I do believe in miracles because things like this happen! Joe came along at the perfect time. I needed help setting up my new Lifeline system and there he was!

What a joy to be among ones’ peers and share with them current events in the café and also reminisce with my peers in the Roses and Thorns discussion group. I have made friends at DOROT and we get together for lunch, movies — in many ways DOROT is a family to me and I am so grateful.

The classes I have taken have given me a great deal of confidence in protecting myself against falling, damaging bones and keeping me in good shape to enjoy each day.

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