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View photos from DOROT's Rosh Hashanah Package Delivery DOROT Friendly Visiting Match featured on National Public Radio Thank you for joining us for DOROT’s 43rd Annual Spring Benefit Make a difference all Year Long. Donate Today. Brighten the Life of a Senior. Browse Volunteer Opportunities.

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DOROT is saddened by the loss of
Herman Bomze

DOROT mourns the passing of Herman Bomze, 95, a gentle man who has been a beloved figure in the DOROT community since 2013 when he first met Zachary Targoff, a DOROT teen volunteer who loved to play chess. Read more.

DOROT’s Rosh Hashanah Package Delivery

We appreciate you taking the time to participate in Sunday's Rosh Hashanah Package Delivery; nearly 700 seniors enjoyed visits in Manhattan and Westchester County. View photos.

Alleviating Social Isolation through Intergenerational Programming

The Journal of Intergenerational Relationships recently published
Alleviating Social Isolation through Intergenerational Programming: DOROT’s Summer Teen Internship Program, written by Judith Turner, DOROT’s Senior Program Officer for Volunteer Services and Intergenerational Programs. Read more.

DOROT Friendly Visiting Match featured on National Public Radio

Scott Simon, the host of Weekend Edition Saturday, did an important and powerful story on depression and suicide among older adults. To bookend the piece, and serve as a counterbalance, he used portions of an interview with Annette and her Friendly Visitor Amanda. Listen here.

You Made My Day!

You Made My Day!

DOROT is proud to recognize the outstanding dedication and achievement of our volunteers, who enrich the lives of the elderly by visiting, delivering holiday packages and birthday cakes, and much more. Read more.

What Matters

DOROT is proud to be a new partner in "What Matters: Caring Conversations about End of Life." Help ensure that your health care wishes are understood, respected, and honored. Read more.

Fit Body, Fit Brain!

DOROT’s Wellness Program for Seniors has a variety of engaging classes and events each week. Learn more.

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