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On the Phone and Online

Through DOROT’s interactive telephone and online programs, seniors and caregivers only need a phone or computer to join a vibrant community—

Who: Seniors and caregivers that speak English or Russian

What: Lively discussion groups with up to 12 participants facilitated by experts from renowned cultural, communal, civic, and health care organizations.

Why: Gain friendship, information, entertainment, support, intellectual stimulation, and above all, a community.

Where: Anywhere in the United States.

How: Connect anywhere through your telephone OR the internet via computer or tablet.

When: Now—just call 877–819–9147 or register online. Programs are free or low cost. Scholarships are available.

University Without Walls

University Without Walls (UWW), our telephone program founded 25 years ago, offers hundreds of classes each year that appeal to a wide range of interests including the arts, history, current events, games, holidays, and more.

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Summer Telephone Classes

To Your Health

To Your Health enables seniors to learn more about their health concerns from professionals in the health care field. It also connects seniors with their peers, who can provide emotional support and the benefit of experience with similar conditions.

UWW Online

Our newest program UWW Online expands upon the success of our telephone programs by providing seniors with the opportunity to participate in the same great programs online though their home computer or tablet.

Russian University Without Walls

This telephone program offers classes and discussion groups conducted in Russian and English via the telephone. Course topics include technology, literature, English language skills, and citizenship exam preparation. To register, please call 917–441–5061. A staff member fluent in Russian is available to answer all questions.

Caregivers’ Connections

Caregivers’ Connections is DOROT’s telephone-based educational and support network for caregivers. Weekly support groups and workshops give caregivers the opportunity to speak with experts, learn about resources, and meet other caregivers.

Senior Programs On the Phone

University Without Walls: A Great Way To Stay Connected

University Without Walls: A Great Way To Stay Connected

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