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What is Social Isolation?

Social isolation is a lack of interpersonal contact and access to resources. Recent studies demonstrate the myriad of physical and emotional consequences of social isolation, particularly for older people, the fastest growing segment of our population.

How does DOROT combat social isolation?

For four decades, DOROT has recognized that this condition adversely affects older adults, many of whom live alone and have very little social connectivity with their communities. DOROT combats social isolation by offering an array of programs that connect seniors with volunteers, bring the generations together and ensure that older community members have access to vital services to help them age in place.

“Increasingly, research confirms our deepest intuition: Human connection lies at the heart of human well-being. It’s up to all of us to maintain bonds when they’re fading, and create ones where they haven’t existed.” - The New York Times

How can you find out more?
To learn more about social isolation, please review the articles below.

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