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DOROT’s Young Professionals Group

DOROT’s Young Professional’s group is comprised of volunteers in their 20’s and early 30’s who volunteer together at DOROT programs. This group runs special intergenerational programs open to all young professionals for those seeking to connect with seniors. Join us!

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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner brings together seniors and young professionals for small, casual dinner parties. The meals take place in the senior’s homes. Our hope is to make it easy for older and younger adults to get together and enjoy one another’s company.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Past Programs

Bringing Yom Haatzmaut to the Homes of DOROT Seniors

On Sunday, May 4th, 27 young adults who have a love for Israel came to DOROT and packed special packages in honor of The UWS Celebrates Israel Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel Independence Day. They then went out into the community to visit in the homes of 13 older adults to share their connections to the State of Israel and celebrate with their new older friends.

“It felt really great to be able to go and help out. I think that the care package had a lot of great products that made our senior reminisce about Israel and brightened her day. The time spent with her was definitely wonderful,” noted one of the volunteers after the visit.

“Absolutely exceptional! These volunteers were marvelous...I enjoyed my conversation and the contents of the bag!” a senior told us Monday after her visit.

This program was in collaboration with and funded by UJA Federation of New York.

Yom Haatzmaut visit

Yom Haatzmaut volunteers

Passover Package Delivery

On Sunday, April 6th, around 100 young professionals came together from JCC Volunteer Corps, Jewish Center, Yale Jewish Alumni, NY Junior League, The Alumni Community, Manhattan Jewish Experience, UJA Observers, Weill Cornell Medical College’s Geriatrics Interest Group (GIG) and DOROT’s Young Professionals group to participate in DOROT’s Passover Package Delivery. Prior to spending time with and delivering food to a senior, volunteers socialized during a bagel brunch and then were matched to visit a senior in their home. One participant said, “I feel like I am truly celebrating the holiday early, thank you for this experience.”

Passover Package Delivery

Ballet Hispanico

On Sunday, March 23rd, volunteers from DOROT’s Young Professionals group gathered with seniors for a lively event that included special performances and instruction by members of the local dance troupe Ballet Hispanico. For the second year in a row, Ballet Hispanico partnered with DOROT for a day filled with dancing, learning, and festivity. The event transported attendees to Spain as they watched a performance and learned to dance the Flamenco. Seniors danced as they sat by the table, stood in a circle and twirled for the first time in years. One 97 year old senior who attended said she has not danced in many years because she did not feel safe. At our event she felt exuberant as she clapped and stomped along with the music. Another senior who has not left her home in many months due to the weather said she has not felt this warm and joyous in a long time and is so glad she left her home to be with her DOROT family. Participants enjoyed the program, commenting, “The staff was so attentive to our needs! DOROT is unusually good at this!” Another said, “It was fabulous to get up with all those people and participate. It was excellent! Everyone was helpful and happy!”

Ballet Hispanico

Ballet Hispanico

Young Professionals make calls to invite DOROT seniors

On Tuesday, March 11th, DOROT Young Professionals and the New York Junior League came together and made calls to DOROT seniors and invited them to participate in our Passover Package Delivery that will take place on Sunday, April 6th. Over 125 calls were made and it was a wonderful opportunity for these young professional volunteers to make connections to our seniors. One volunteer said “It was my honor to call these seniors and I had a wonderful conversation with a senior and I can’t wait to meet her at package delivery”

Young Professionals make calls to invite DOROT seniors

Winter Package Delivery

On Sunday, February 2nd, DOROT’s Young Professionals Leadership Circle and over 120 additional young professionals from all over New York City, volunteered in DOROT’s Winter Package Delivery. Young professionals included groups from J–care, JCC Volunteer Corps, Manhattan Jewish Experience, Beyond Bubbie from Reboot, Mount Sinai Jewish Center and Jewish Center Young Professionals. Prior to the delivery , the volunteers socialized during a bagel brunch, which boosted everyone’s energy before the visits to seniors. The young professional volunteers were matched in groups of two and three to deliver packages to seniors and had meaningful visits. Shira Cohen, one of the DOROT Young Leadership Circle members said “It was amazing to see a room full of YPs so excited to help the seniors. The YP’s were eager to deliver & lend a helping hand. It was so nice to see so many groups come together for such a wonderful cause. We sure did warm the hearts of many seniors!”

Winter Package Delivery

DOROT’s Thanksgiving Meal Delivery

On Sunday, November 24th, DOROT’s Young Professionals Leadership Circle and over 70 young professionals from all over NYC, including, Bucknell Alumni and JEC Alumni Community, volunteered in DOROT’s Thanksgiving Banquet and Meal Delivery. Some participants brought fresh turkey dinners to homebound elders and stayed for a visit, while others escorted seniors to the Banquet helping them enjoy the day with food, friendship and dancing. One volunteer said, “I didn’t realize how much this holiday meant to me until today.”

Thanksgiving Meal Delivery

DOROT’s Young Professionals Happy Hour

On Wednesday, October 23rd, over 70 young professionals attended the 5th annual Young Professionals Happy Hour, hosted by DOROT’s Young Professionals Leadership Circle. It was a great evening that brought together like–minded individuals in a social setting, where they exchanged ideas on how to enhance the lives of the elderly in their community.

DOROT’s Young Professionals Happy Hour

DOROT’s Sukkot Package Delivery & 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance

On Sunday, September 15th, 2013, around 80 DOROT’s Young Professionals and young professionals from JCC Volunteer Corps, Jewish Center, Mount Sinai Jewish Center, The Alumni Community, Beyond Bubbe and Gotham Gators participated in DOROT’s Sukkot Package Delivery & 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance. Prior to the program, volunteers socialized during a bagel brunch on DOROT’s rooftop garden, which was a great setting for the Day of Service. The young professional volunteers were matched with seniors and had meaningful visits. One participant said, “After taking part in this orientation (program), I really want to volunteer with DOROT for a long time.“

Sukkot Package Delivery 2013

Sukkot Package Delivery 2013

Young Professionals make calls to invite DOROT seniors

On Wednesday, August 21st, Young Professionals from all of NYC will came together and made calls to DOROT seniors and invited them to participate in our SUKKOT PACKAGE DELIVERY and 9/11 DAY OF SERVICE AND REMEMBRANCE. Over 125 calls were made and it was a wonderful opportunity.

Intergenerational Cookie Baking

The sweet smell wafting through DOROT was only one sign of the Young Professionals Cookie Baking Event under way. Another was the ring of laughter as seven “mixed” teams of seniors and young professional volunteers created their own cookie recipes, getting to know each other along the way. The results were entered in a “Cookie Throwdown” whose judges, selected by lottery, each made a point of tasting every team’s entry. After the winner was announced, the participants enjoyed lunch and headed home, taking with them happy memories and the whimsical aprons they had worn during the baking. Many thanks to Cara Rosenblum, a member of DOROT’s Young Professionals Leadership Circle, and her father, Alex Rosenblum, for designing and donating the aprons.

Intergenerational Cookie Baking

Intergenerational Game Day

45 seniors and volunteers enjoyed an intergenerational “Game Day” hosted by DOROT’s Young Professionals Leadership Circle. The event’s emcee, professional magician and entertainer Josh Beckerman, led the participants in lively rounds of bingo and trivia, with a bagel brunch in between. The winning teams received prizes, and one lucky raffle winner received a beauty basket. Everyone went home with a parting gift, and the seniors received photos taken at the event.

Volunteers and seniors alike were enthusiastic about making new friends from both age groups. One senior proclaimed the program “a real ‘upper,’” while a volunteer provided this summary: “Fun time, great games, amazing seniors…outstanding organization.”

Intergenerational Game Baking

Meet the DOROT Young Professional Leadership Circle

Shoshana Rudnick
Cara Rosenblum
Shira Cohen
Aviva Zablocki
Laura Hahn
Eric Sherman
Jenny Edelman
Lisa Heffner
Mara Leibgott
Chelsea Friedman
Rebecca Heller

DOROT’s Young Professional Leadership Circle is a dedicated team of exemplary young professionals who are energized and dedicated to DOROT’s mission. Its members, professionals in diverse areas from the financial sector to not–for–profits, are passionate leaders who recruit volunteers and plan intergenerational activities. The Leadership Circle works diligently to advocate for DOROT in the greater community and assists in garnering support, financial and otherwise, for DOROT.

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