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You Made My Day!

DOROT is proud to recognize the outstanding dedication and achievement of our volunteers, who enrich the lives of the elderly by visiting, delivering holiday packages and birthday cakes, and much more.

This quarter we honor four DOROT volunteers who play a key role in the following programs: Teen Internship Program, Young Professional Leadership Circle, Westchester Friendly Visitor and Office Volunteer.

In thanking our volunteers, we tell them on behalf of all the DOROT seniors they have reached out to, “You Made My Day!”

Sylvia Gao and Andrew Salazar - Teen Internship Program
button  Read Sylvia Gao and Andrew Salazar's Volunteer Story

Shoshana Rudnick Jaffess - Young Professional Leadership Circle
button  Read Shoshana Rudnick Jaffess's Volunteer Story

Robbie Reich - Westchester Friendly Visitor
button  Read Robbie Reich's Volunteer Story

Gary Shelton - Office Volunteer
button  Read Gary Shelton's Volunteer Story

You Made My Day is supported by a generous contribution from Lari Stanton.

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