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DOROT’s success is a direct result of the strength of our professional staff and lay leaders. This dedicated team works collaboratively to ensure that we are meeting the changing needs of our constituents. Organizationally, we operate at the highest level of excellence and integrity. We all are committed to high standards for our programs and to working in a supportive, challenging and rewarding professional culture.



Ellen Marram, President
Elissa Fishman, Treasurer
Sandra Edelman, Esq., Secretary
Brian Doppelt, Esq., Vice President
Donna Jakubovitz*, Vice President
Josh Targoff, Esq., Vice President


Renée Adler Ascher*
Helaine Suval Beckerman
Marian Faytell
Ethan Horwitz, Esq.*
Alan Laytner
Barbara Matas
Matthew Novack
Andrew Pardo
Jennifer Perkins, Esq.
Harriet Shaiman
Joyce Silberstang, Ph.D.
Doris Ullendorff, LCSW
Ann Wimpfheimer*

*Past President

Senior Staff Leadership

Mark Meridy, Executive Director
Dorothy Hellmer, Chief Financial Officer
Ali Hodin Baier, Chief Program Officer
Dorothy Kauffman, Chief Advancement Officer
Ellen Amstutz, Senior Program Officer – Community Based Programs & External Affairs
Margaret Reiff, Senior Program Officer – Supportive Services
Judith Turner, Senior Program Officer – Volunteer Services & Intergenerational Programming

Career Opportunities