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Friendly Visiting

Friendly Visiting is a meaningful program for older adults and volunteers alike. Our social work team takes expert care in matching DOROT elders who live in Manhattan or Westchester with adult volunteers interested in weekly or monthly visiting. This unique opportunity to create an ongoing, mutually beneficial friendship brings smiles, excitement and social engagement into the homes of seniors.

DOROT asks interested individuals to agree to a minimum one-year commitment, but many of our Friendly Visiting relationships span multiple years. On visits, older adults and volunteers bridge the generational gap and bond over shared life experiences, hobbies and passions, ideas and opinions, and memories.

For more information on Friendly Visiting in Manhattan, call (212) 769–2850 or e-mail us.

For more information on Friendly Visiting in Westchester County, call 914-485-8354 or e-mail us.