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Tech Coaching

Technology plays an increasingly central role in all aspects of society. Gaining confidence and skill with technology is critical to remaining independent and socially connected. DOROT’s Tech Coaching program enables late tech adopters to learn and practice new technology skills with the support and guidance of a trained DOROT volunteer.

Tech Coaching is currently available for smart phones – both iPhone and Android. Each of DOROT’s age-friendly guides focuses on a specific topic that falls under “Communicating with Family, Friends and Community” or “Accessing Resources and Services.” Available topics include texting and messaging, using email, navigating with maps, video chatting and more. New guides are being created to expand our offerings and help DOROT elders keep up with the ever-changing technology landscape.

Coaching typically involves four or more visits and takes place in older adults’ homes or over the phone. With the goal of developing independence and enthusiasm for technology, seniors select from our menu of topics and move through the lessons at their own pace.

For more information or to enroll, call (917) 441-3706 or e-mail us.