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Tech Coaching

Note: While COVID 19 social distancing precautions are in place, all Tech Coaching visits will be conducted by phone or video conferencing. 

So much of how we connect with others and get the resources we need during this time requires technology skills. DOROT’s Tech Coaching program enables older adults to learn and practice new technology skills with the support and guidance of a volunteer trained by DOROT in best practices for working with late tech adopters and for conducting these visits via phone or videoconferencing. Seniors choose for their visits to take place over the phone or Zoom. Older adults who are unfamiliar with video conferencing can first get help learning to use Zoom.

Visits focus on learning the basics of common technology devices or applications, such as Zoom, FaceTime, email, text or downloading and installing apps. Volunteers can assist with a smart phones, tablets or computers. Those who are already tech users can request help on specific tech questions, for example, organizing files and emails, or starting a social media account. The older adults and volunteers can meet for a one-time session, or multiple visits depending on learning needs and schedules. With the overall goal of using technology to stay socially connected and to get the services and resources needed to maintain independence, the program is designed for older adults to learn at their own pace and focus on the technology that they want to learn.

For more information or to enroll: call (917) 441-3706 or e-mail us.

Tech Guides

DOROT has created a series of basic technology guides on a variety of topics, including Zoom, that are available to all. Designed for older adults, the guides have clear directions, are written in everyday language and include large pictures of what is seen on the screen during each step.

Access the Tech Guides HERE. 


DOROT’s Tech Coaching program is generously funded by The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation.