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Spring and Fall College Internship

Interested in a career in non-profit management, community organizing, social work or working with older adults? DOROT is proud of its long and successful track record in inspiring students to pursue careers in the helping professions.

Through a semester- or year-long internship, students learn about social isolation, its major impact on older adults and how DOROT’s programs and services are specifically designed to address the issue. Each intern receives substantive work and project experience and gains opportunities to connect with older adults onsite or through home visits. DOROT entrusts interns with significant responsibility and provides them with an opportunity to meaningfully contribute to their assigned department. Interns are invited to customize projects to match their interests and professional goals, as they fulfill requirements for class credits as needed.

DOROT seeks college interns to fulfill various roles which may change from one semester to the next.

Presently, DOROT is operating in a remote work environment. For the academic term, it is possible that we will have returned to work either completely in-person or in a hybrid model. In the event we are working partially or completely in-person, some assignments will take place either in the homes of seniors or onsite at DOROT. Additional information about these changes will be provided with as much advance notice as possible. Each intern will be assigned an older adult for the duration of this or her internship for either a weekly friendly phone call or visit.

Read about our Spring and Fall College Internships.

Ages: 18+, must be a college sophomore, junior or senior

Time Commitment: A weekly commitment of eight to ten hours for one semester or a full school year, excluding school vacation weeks.

Requirements: Application, phone and onsite interviews, references, background check; provide a valid, US government-issued photo ID.

Next Steps: Complete the Spring and Fall College Internship application.