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Wellness Program for Seniors

Staying active and engaged in interesting activities can boost energy and increase well-being! We offer a wide variety of exercise, lifestyle and enrichment classes for seniors to improve health, try new activities, make friends and have fun. Exercise classes include Tai Chi, gentle yoga, weight training, light dance, falls prevention, Nia Wise Moves and Mr. Gu’s. Enrichment programs include meditation, memory improvement, book discussions, health education and nutrition lectures. For creative expression, we offer singing, art, writing, photography and flower arranging. Check out the monthly program details in the link below.

Please call Shannon at (917) 441-3743 to schedule an appointment. All classes take place at DOROT’s headquarters located at 171 West 85th Street.

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Current Events Café, a discussion group led by DOROT Volunteers

Stretch and Strengthen Weight Training class with Tia Speros-Harker

Tai Chi Easy, Qigong and Chair Yoga with Melissa Elstein

“I love coming to Café every week. The volunteers are polite and very aware of today’s issues.”
"Thank you so much for helping me maintain my physical health as I age it’s important to be able to do something like the exercise classes to counter my growing limitations. And it’s nice to mix and meet with others."
"I have been taking Melissa’s Chair Yoga and I love it. She brings her movements and thoughts to the class each week. She has a very healing approach, while strengthening our bodies and mind. I have studied for years and at many places, and I find her the BEST!"
Intergenerational Exercise: Nia Wise Moves

Visit at DOROT with Topper, a Pet Partners Therapy Dog

Full Circle Dance with Ali Schechter

This summer, smiles filled the room as we welcomed DOROT teen interns to participate in Nia Wise Moves, an exercise program for seniors.
Topper, a blue merle border collie, & Trudy, a Wellness Participant exchange hellos.

Topper will be visiting again soon, stay tuned for the next date!
Ali introduces a stretch band to help the participants stay connected to one another through movement.

What they are saying about the Wellness Program

"The classes have been quite helpful for me in so far as becoming more relaxed and calm as well as providing me with body tone, strength and better balancing."

"There are classes like the Shakespeare class that are so well presented that they involve everyone and are not only enlightening, but exhilarating. The health classes I attend are also beneficial and I miss them when I do not attend."

"The Wellness staff are creative and value us in planning. Most importantly they are pleasant and respectful. They are helpful and help us find links to other DOROT services."

Flower Arranging at Wellness

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Untie the flowers and choose the flower that will be the center of your bouquet.
Pick an angle, and begin to bring smaller flowers around the center of your bouquet. As you add flowers, continue to turn the bouquet in your hand.
Clip the stems of your flowers, tie the bouquet, and display in your favorite vase.

DOROT Seniors in the Community

Doris is a regular at DOROT’s Wellness Program and also is a fantastic knitter! She made dozens of scarves for folks at DOROT’s Homelessness Prevention Program.
Seniors explored the history of the mandala and created their own works of art. The simple act of coloring was inspiring, fun, and relaxing.
DOROT offers trips to museums and other cultural events for seniors involved in the Wellness Program. Our latest trip was to the Big Apple Circus in December. Marie Wallace Pollock, a dedicated Wellness participant, was able to meet one of the clowns in the show.

“The Big Apple Circus was a very happy event. There were wonderful acts with good, natural tricks. It’s a laugh, the acrobats were amazing!”

Intergenerational Volunteer Events

Volunteers hosted a Game Day with Wellness Program participants. Phyllis is great at playing scrabble!

“It is fun to be with people of all ages, when I was working I had that people in their early 20s, 50s... it is a great opportunity to see what younger people are doing!”
We had a Current Events Café social hour with corporate volunteers. Our group of Café regulars gathered around to share stories with volunteers.

“The volunteers were really open and wanted to learn a lot about us too. You get to meet people you wouldn’t have met any other way!”
A group of volunteers decorated the room and hosted the Wellness Holiday Party this winter.

“The Wellness Holiday Party was wonderful meeting the volunteers was fun, the food and décor were superb. That opera singer was lovely.”

button  The Memory Tree at DOROT

DOROT is pleased to host The Memory Tree, a program specifically designed for people with mild memory problems and their caregivers. The Memory Tree believes that the best way to fight the aging process-including the loss of memory-is through mental and physical fitness. Each week join The Memory Tree for a wide variety of classes and workshops.

To register and learn more about The Memory Tree, please contact Elizabeth Fine, LCSW at 917-656-0558.

button  Kol DOROT: Singing

Scott Stein, Pianist, Composer & Arranger
If you enjoy the music of Gershwin, Porter, Rodgers & Hammerstein, and all the other wonderful songwriters from the 1920's to the 1960's, you'll love singing with Kol DOROT! You don't have to read music or even sing well....just love getting together with friendly people every week to sing the songs that hold special memories! We do a little Yiddish and a little Hebrew singing, too. No audition required!

For more information please call Shannon at
(917) 441-3743.

Kol DOROT is a DOROT program, funded in memory of Miriam Katzin.

Falls Prevention

Celeste Carlucci, founder of Fall Stop…MOVE STRONG™ recently spoke to seniors at DOROT. Read More

DOROT in the News:

“Celebrating 20 Years of the Wellness Program”

Wellness Participation Documents:

  • New Participant Information Form
  • Medical Clearance Form

  • Please send completed forms to Shannon O’Connor, Program Administrator for Health and Nutrition at or fax to 917-441-3735

    Meet Our Instructors:

  • Melissa Elstein
              Featured on NY1
  • Amy Gross
  • Mr. Gu
  • Roger Puckett
  • Susan Servetnick, MA, PT
  • Tia Speros-Harker
  • Sandy Warshaw

  • And many special guests!

    Wellness News:

    •    Feeling Anxious? Meditation can help!
    •    New study shows music and meditation boost Cognitive Performance.
    •    Chair yoga as effective alternative treatment for osteoarthritis
    •    Positive improvements on Brain Health through strength training
    •    The risk of a Hip Fracture: realistic preparations during recovery

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