GENuine Connections FAQs

Questions & Answers about the GENuine Connections Workshops

What is DOROT?

Founded in 1976, DOROT is an award-winning nonprofit organization based in NYC, dedicated to bringing generations together for positive social connections and mutual benefit.

How much does each workshop cost? Do I need to get my own supplies?

There is no fee to participate in GENuine Connections. However, some workshops may require supplies for activities that you will need to purchase before the workshop begins. If supplies are required that you need assistance obtaining, please reach out to us at

Who are these workshops for?

Adults (65+) and high school students. If you have never participated in a DOROT intergenerational program, you must attend a volunteer orientation and fill out a GENuine Connections application form before registering for workshops.

Do I need to have experience in the workshop content?

No experience necessary, all are welcome.

Do I need to attend every session?

Our goal is right in the name: GENuine Connections. So, all participants need to commit to the entire workshop series. This is how we build community with authentic, positive connections.

Do these workshops count for high school volunteer hours? Will DOROT be a reference on my college application?

Participating in GENuine Connections workshops does count toward high school volunteer hours requirements. To request a letter of recommendation or ask DOROT to complete a volunteer form, contact us at


The DOROT team is happy to serve as college references for teens who commit their time, energy, and creativity by completing at least two workshops.


Can I do this with my best friend/partner/spouse/book club?

We love that you want to tell others about GENuine Connections! If there is space in the workshop, you can join with your friends and loved ones. Each person must join from a separate device and be in separate rooms so that there is no sound interference. You also must register separately.

Is there homework?

No! No need to prepare anything between workshop sessions.

Who are the other people in the workshop?

GENuine Connections workshops are typically small groups of 24 participants — split between older adults and teens — plus a facilitator.

Questions & Answers About Joining GENuine Connections

Who counts as a teen/older adult?

Older adults who are 65 or older and high school students.

How do I apply?

If you want to participate in your first workshop with us, you must first register for and attend a virtual orientation. Once you attend, you’ll receive a link to register for the workshops.

What happens in the orientation?

The orientation is a chance to experience what GENuine Connections is like. We get to know you, tell you more about the program, and make space for you to ask any questions you may have. This is a way to ensure it is the right program for you! 

Do I need to have my camera on so people can see me?

We ask everyone to have their camera on. We find it is often easiest to navigate activities and meaningful conversations when our sighted participants can take visual cues from the others in the group.


Will there be in-person gatherings?

GENuine Connections is entirely online, with no in-person gatherings. These workshops are a safe, accessible option for participants concerned about COVID exposure, travel, and other barriers.

What if I don’t know how to use Zoom?

Our Tech Coaches can teach you — via phone or FaceTime — how to connect to the Zoom platform. If you need assistance learning more about Zoom, please reach out regarding our Tech Coaches by calling 917-441-3706 or e-mailing us at

What prerequisites or preparation is required?

GENuine Connections is designed so you can come just as you are — no need for prerequisites or homework of any kind.

If I’ve already done a workshop, do I need to apply again for the next workshop?

No, if you have already successfully participated in a virtual, intergenerational workshop you do not need to apply again. You can just sign up for your preferred workshop. If this is your first workshop of the academic year, you will be asked to fill out volunteer agreement forms again.

Have other questions? Want to connect with DOROT staff to learn more?

Please reach out to us at