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Corporate, Schools and Community Groups

In search of a meaningful volunteer project for your school, community or corporate group? Sharing the DOROT experience builds camaraderie and morale as group members volunteer to enhance elders’ lives. DOROT is unique in that we offer hands-on opportunities for one-time group volunteers to connect with an older adult and make a real difference.

Corporate Groups

Looking for a win-win opportunity? Our experienced, professional team will provide a rewarding program for your employees and DOROT's elders. Join us for a Holiday Package Delivery, game day or a Tech Tutoring program.

Package Delivery

DOROT’s Package Delivery program brings hundreds of older adults and volunteers together to share warmth and companionship. Join us in Manhattan or Westchester for this special program.

Community and College Groups

Interested in volunteering with your community group? Volunteers from dozens of colleges, alumni associations, civic associations, synagogues and churches participate in DOROT’s broad array of group volunteer programs. Arrange for your group to join us for a weekday activity or for a special Sunday or evening program.

Tapestry Tour with Ted Comet: An Interactive Virtual Experience

Take your group on an extraordinary interactive virtual experience of Holocaust remembrance and artistic expression. Experience a virtual tour to the New York City apartment of Ted Comet, a 96-year old Jewish community leader, to view five unique tapestries woven by his late wife, Shoshana Comet, Holocaust survivor, psychotherapist and artist.

Schools & Youth Organizations

Creating intergenerational connections is the inspiration for DOROT’s mission. Collaborate with us to bridge the generational gap and engage your elementary, middle and high school students in meaningful volunteer opportunities. One-time and ongoing opportunities are available.

Card Making

Birthday & Holiday Cardmaking

Bring birthday and holiday cheer to DOROT seniors with handmade greeting cards. DOROT sends beautiful birthday cards, designed and created by our volunteers, to each of the nearly 4,000 older adults we work with each year. Your group members can use their artistic skills to benefit older adults in our community.