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Tapestry Tour with Ted Comet: An Interactive Virtual Experience

Take your group on an extraordinary interactive virtual experience of Holocaust remembrance and artistic expression.

DOROT is now hosting group virtual tours to the New York City apartment of Ted Comet, a 99-year old Jewish community leader, to view five unique tapestries woven by his late wife, Shoshana Comet, Holocaust survivor, psychotherapist and artist. Each tapestry is a testament to the power of the mind to turn trauma into creative and healing energy.

A lifelong friend of Elie Wiesel, Ted is an eloquent speaker with an inspirational story about suffering, loss and healing that participants will never forget.


What past participants are saying about the program:

"I had never experienced anything similar to the journey I took at Ted Comet's house, and I found the story he told about his wife to be one of the most inspiring and compelling stories I have ever heard."

"I really hope many more students and adults get to hear from [Ted] and learn about the tapestries. It was an experience that gave me a new mindset towards supporting survivors of traumatic events and learning history."

"It was incredible to see how someone can go through a traumatic experience and express it through art, creating something that can change you, like a story."


DOROT welcomes groups of up to 25 people to participate and interact with Ted in this special, zoom experience. There is no cost associated with the program.

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Learn more about Ted through these videos:

WATCH: Learn more about Ted through this documentary video created by 2019 DOROT Summer Teen interns. 

WATCH: NowThisNews shared the story of 14-year-old DOROT Jewish Summer Teen Intern Oliver Hollman's friendship with Ted - demonstrating the power of human connection across generations (and even across zoom!)