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Interning at DOROT Brings a Deeper Sense of Respect & Understanding for Older Adults

On National Intern Day, we celebrate all of DOROT's amazing college and teen interns!

Through the Jewish Summer Teen Internships, high schoolers experience four weeks of intergenerational engagement, participating in and leading daily programming and spending time with DOROT staff and older adults in a wide variety of activities and events. Together they share stories, conversations, art, Jewish connections, and much, much more.

Summer Teen Intern Olive Ephross shares some beautiful reflections on the impact of her experiences over the past month:

"As a DOROT teen intern, I was able to gain a deeper sense of respect and understanding for older adults. Over the course of my summer internship, I participated in discussions that challenged my thinking and made me a more open minded person. By sharing my experiences in Story Circles and analyzing texts in Jewish Perspectives, I realized the beauty in having a strong community and support system. I enjoyed learning about traditional Jewish music and art, bridging the gap between the past and present. Although age separates us, I face the same challenges and enjoy the same pastimes as many of the older adults.

The meaningful interactions I had with older adults taught me how to better appreciate and support older people in my personal life. I also acknowledged the power my actions hold and my ability to make a difference in someone else’s life. The older adults inspired me to continue my creative hobbies and to pursue a career that gives back to my community directly. Through my relationships with older adults at DOROT, I now have a new way to integrate Judaism into my everyday life. Moving forward, I will always remember the valuable place that older adults hold in our society."