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Legacy Projects

DOROT’s legacy projects provide an opportunity to share your beliefs and values, lessons, hopes, memories, and stories.

You will be paired with a trained volunteer or a DOROT intern who will work with you. Projects lasts for 6-8 weeks, typically for about 1 hours/week, and can be virtual or in person.

Our goal is to create a written or recorded keepsake for you to keep, and, if you want, to share with your family, friends, and loved ones. Projects can take many forms— written narratives with photos, scrapbooks, cookbooks, letters, audio or video recordings—the sky is the limit!

You share your story, and your partner will craft the project, in your voice, relaying on your input every step of the way. If you are interested, we also create an opportunity to gather as a larger group, once the 6-8 weeks has concluded, to share what we have created together.

For more information, and to inquire about participation, email or call 917-441-3703


DOROT's Lasting Impressions programs are generously supported by a grant from the Keller-Shatanoff Foundation