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Volunteer Spotlight: Claudia Deutsch, A Lifelong Legacy

Claudia Deutsch first began volunteering in the ’70s, when DOROT was a fledgling two-year-old organization. Fast forward to today and you’ll find Claudia as involved with DOROT as she was from the beginning. Now that’s what we call a true commitment.

What has bound her to DOROT for so many years is volunteering. “DOROT is the standard to which other (organizations) aspire,” she said.

Over the years, Claudia has volunteered in different programs, including Friendly Visiting, where she has enjoyed playing competitive Scrabble games with her older adult partners, Response Team and making birthday visits, check-up phone calls, and in general, being available on an ad hoc basis wherever and whenever help is needed.

“DOROT has created an atmosphere where all kinds of people feel comfortable,” she said. “Bringing people together from different backgrounds is a great way to combat antisemitism.” One of her favorite memories is serving a woman in full hijab at the annual Thanksgiving Banquet.

A monthly donor for many years, Claudia took an extra step when she turned 65, and “did all the adult things I needed to do, like putting my will together, and named DOROT as one of my beneficiaries. DOROT is the only organization I have ever heard of that was a quality of life organization. It’s not just about getting to the finish line,” she said.

Story by Marsha Cohen