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Academic Year Teen Internship Program

Make a difference in the lives of seniors as a DOROT Teen Intern!

Each school year DOROT welcomes high school students in ninth through twelfth grades to receive high-quality training and leadership development while volunteering in small groups. This is a unique opportunity for ongoing community service that meaningfully connects teens with older adults one afternoon per week through friendly phone calls, intergenerational workshops and creative arts programming.

We are now accepting applications for the Winter Semester 01/30 - 03/16.

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You can apply for our virtual opportunities here:

Genuine Connections


Some examples of opportunities for Teen Interns:

Home Visits

During the visits, Teen Interns and older adults share conversation, opinions, hobbies, walks in the neighborhood and other experiences. Each older adult is matched with a pair of interns for a weekly visit to create a lasting connection.

Art Workshop

This workshop brings together a group of teens and older adults each week to explore art as a powerful tool to build community and connection. We create, explore, try new things and share our experiences using a variety of artistic mediums and techniques. By looking at different art forms and creating projects together, we have fun and get to know each other. No art experience is necessary. All materials provided.

Discussion Group

Teen interns and older adults come together each week for a series of meaningful intergenerational conversations. This group provides a structure for all participants to exchange ideas, opinions, and personal stories to learn from one another and create connections. Each week the group selects the topic. Teens then work together in pairs to plan the session, and lead each weekly discussion with support from DOROT staff.

There is NO CHARGE for participation in DOROT’s Teen Internship Programs.

Age: High school students. 

Time Commitment: Interns volunteer one afternoon per week, Monday through Thursday. Each activity has a unique start date and time commitment. 

Location: In-person at DOROT’s office at 171 West 85th Street or in the senior's home.  

Requirements: Application and group interview on Zoom. 

Questions? Contact us at

INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING ONLINE? Join weekly virtual intergenerational workshops led by an experienced facilitator through DOROT’s GENuine Connections program. Learn more about how to participate HERE.


We deeply appreciate the generous support of The Sephardic Foundation on Aging for DOROT's School Year Teen Internship Program.