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Legacy Projects

Older adults engaged with DOROT have lived full and interesting lives. Help them share their beliefs and values, life lessons, hopes for the future and special memories, to ensure they will not be forgotten. Lasting Impressions volunteers interview their senior partners and help gather and record their legacy stories in writing or through other media (video, audio tape, collage, etc.) as agreed upon.

The ideal volunteer has excellent listening, communication and writing skills; an ease in discussing end-of-life issues; and experience with older adults. Volunteers with skills in photography, videography and the arts are welcome. A background in social services or communications is also a plus.

Ages: 18+

Time Commitment: Ideally, 1 hour per week for 3-4 phone visits or video chats, plus an additional 2-4 hours to compile the project, and review/ complete it with the older adult.

Requirements: Valid US-government-issued photo ID, volunteer orientation, an interview, references and background check.

Next Steps: E-mail us or sign up for a volunteer orientation.

Legacy Projects are part of DOROT's Lasting Impressions programming, which is generously supported by the Keller-Shatanoff Foundation.