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NBC Nightly News: DOROT's Intergenerational Chess Program

NBC's Lester Holt shares the story of DOROT's Intergenerational Chess Program on an all-new "NBC Nightly News: Kids Edition"!

The program got its start when Zachary Targoff, then 13 years old, was matched by DOROT with senior Herman Bomze, z"l, to play chess every week. Their bond grew over years of shared chess and friendship and inspired the Targoff family to create this special program, which now runs both in DOROT’s Manhattan and Westchester locations, engaging hundreds of teens and older adults.

WATCH BELOW to learn how a centuries-old game can bridge friendships:

Interested in trying your hand at a game? Learn more about how to get involved with the program in Manhattan and Westchester!


Thank you to the Targoff family and friends for sponsoring Intergenerational Chess at DOROT!