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Health & Wellness Classes

Older adults can boost their energy, increase their well-being and improve their daily life through DOROT’s health and wellness classes. While participating in our broad variety of exercise, lifestyle and enrichment training, they also make new friends and have opportunities for creative expression.

Exercise classes include:

  • Tai Chi; 
  • Stretch and Strengthen;
  • Gentle Yoga;
  • Weight Training;
  • Light Dance and
  • Falls Prevention.

Enrichment programs include:

  • Meditation; 
  • Book Discussions;
  • Health Education and
  • Nutrition Lectures.

Artistic expression opportunities include:

  • DOROT’s Community Chorus; 
  • Art and Writing classes; 
  • Photography Workshops and
  • Flower Arranging.

Featured on NY1, DOROT older adults strengthened their mind and body with the world renowned Dance Theater of Harlem:


What participants are saying about DOROT’s Wellness Program:

"The classes have been quite helpful for me insofar as becoming more relaxed and calm, as well as providing me with body tone, strength and better balancing.”

"The health classes are beneficial, and I miss them when I do not attend."

"The Wellness staff is creative, and they value us in planning. Most importantly they are pleasant and respectful. They are helpful and help us find links to other DOROT services."

For program information and to learn more about our Health & Wellness Classes, please find our calendar here.

For more information, call (212) 769-2850 or e-mail us.